Keyon ‘Yeah I Go’


Keyon ‘Yeah I Go’

Canadian Artist Keyon Delivers his new Single, after a medium long hiatus. And things are different now. “Yeah I go” is not only a story in itself, but also Keyon is showing us he’s different. He’s not a rapper, he’s a compete Artist. “Yeah I go” Tells the story of him having to leave things behind to get to his money and his goals quicker. As painless as it might seem to him, he tells you that this was a long road for him, and his honestly should be respected. During quarantine, Keyon comes out of a break with a stance, out of all the fan suggestions he’s decided to release a song no one has suggested. Something new, his new style, sound, and charisma come out in this track. It’s almost as if he chose this song to let us know “this is the new me” – and it worked, this song is a blend of his soul, creativity, story telling and his “no f*** mentality”. Which is why we love him. He continues to disobey Political correctness and social norms with his lyrics and masks it with his smooth sounds and cadences. “Yeah I Go” feels like a small taste of what’s to come from this Canadian Artist, and as the song describes him leaving things behind and focusing on his goals and his money, one can only wonder what hes leaving behind (besides love) and how much it will push him to be even better. Keyon is telling us through this song that he isn’t the same Artist, Person, and character that he was before, he’s Bigger and better, which is scary to say the least.

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