Watch Out – Sirreal Feat. Evil Ebenezer and Lower Case g (Official video)

Watch Out

Fame in Canadian hip hop can be very elusive if the work is not put in. There are a lot of people chasing that same top secret dream of sharing their art with the entire world. The game can be tough to navigate and even branding your name can come with its own pitfalls. The live performance has now become more important then ever.
The first single “Watch Out” from Sirreal’s new In the Nick of Time album has Sirreal teaming up with Canadian hiphop heavyweight Evil Ebenezer of Stompdown Killaz as well as production from Vancouver’s Engineer and Swollen Member’s Rob The Viking.
In an ode to Men In Black, It tells the story of chasing that alien holy grail of hip hop we call fame by putting in the hard work, never giving up and going after our dreams. You may forget what you did today by tomorrow, but you will be hard pressed to forget what you see by watching this epic journey into the minds of two of Canada’s best.
Watch Out
Watch Out
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