Legitimate x Rex Seshunz – Walking Through The Reign (Official video)

Walking Through The Reign

Rex Seshunz Legitimate

Legtimate x Rex Seshunz – Walking Through the Reign.

“I’ll never forget as long as I live. Born King , Liftid, Cee Self and myself (Legitimate) had been backstage, hanging out with Sean P and Ruste Juxx for a couple hours the night Obama was elected! They had been touring with Ill Bill and we had the chance to kick it backstage at the Toronto show. P had been speaking a lot on his life; his childhood in Brooklyn, the ups and downs of the music biz, the trials and tribulations of the come up! He spoke on how he was able to overcome so many obstacles and set-backs to eventually rise to a position of prosperity though his dedication to his music. All night BK had been getting messages from his people with regards to the presidential election down south. Around 9:15 pm , not long before Sean P was scheduled to take the stage , the news came through to our small room that Obama had taken Ohio and a few of the other pivotal states. The word was in , Obama had won!! Elation was quick to grip mostly everyone backstage , everyone seemed to be smiling ear-to-ear, everyone except Sean Price! I’ll never forget it ! Amidst all that excitement and celebration , this OG just sat there almost expressionless and said , “Black president, first Black president, that don’t mean anything to me ! New King – Same Reign” ‘Same Reign’ , that stuck with me from then til now! I don’t think I’ll ever forget that night or any of the many jewels that the legendary emcee from Brooklyn dropped on us ” – Legitimate

The puppet masters of politics , religion and economics assumed power and set up these systems of control long before any of the current ‘faces’ who play the game had ever been born. “New King- same Reign” ‘Walking Through the Reign’. The 6th single released off Legitimate x Rex Seshunz – Only Built For Human Beings , takes the listener back to the street , back to the Reign ! Emcee Legitimate flexes supreme lyricism and an unwavering conscious realness within a hypnotic, mind-melting narrative! Producer Rex Seshunz is once again able to paint pictures within the mind of the observer through an emotionally charged soundscape, held together with a thick, action-oriented percussion track and eerie atmospheric sample loops. The duo is poised to release a modern classic on the game, maintaining the singular vision of uplifting and preserving the Roots of the culture of Hip-Hop for future generations to reflect and build upon !

Rex Seshunz Legitimate

Rex Seshunz Legitimate
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