Citizen Kane – Scartown Reps


Scartown Reps, off Citizen Kane‘s latest mixtape “Scartown Unreleased Classics“. Presented by TopLeft Recordings, and mixed by DJ Law.

Legendary Toronto rap group Citizen Kane has teamed up with TopLeft Recordings for the Scartown Unreleased Classics  mixtape. Here’s a message from Citizen Kane about the release:

“Scartown Unreleased Classics is a collection of songs we recorded from the years 2001 to 2005 which was never released. At that time when Citizen Kane was on the verge on making a major impact in the underground hip-hop community worldwide, but we were confronted with obstacles from the music industry that believed we were a little to “Street” and not friendly enough for the Canadian radio. Refusing to follow the commercial sound that was becoming more popular at the time, we recorded melodic tracks with hard but poetic lyrics staying true the griddy style of music that made Citizen Kane unique. There is two albums worth of material in this album which is mixed by DJ Law with appearances from PeepSho, Califate, Stitch 7 and many more artists we were working with at the time. The production is from Big Sproxx, Down to Earth, Product, Dungenetics and Lost Info. There are also tracks that include R.P. who left the group at that time for personal reasons never to return putting the music on hold for a good time. If ya love hip-hop in its purest and realest form, you will love this album. It is a peace of Canadian music history from a group that laid the foundation for Canadian hip-hop today. This is the album they never wanted you to hear.”

Mixed by: DJ Law

Single MP3s:

01 – Citizen Kane – Intro
02 – Citizen Kane – Top Left
03 – Citizen Kane – Life & Times
04 – Citizen Kane – Return Of The Kings
05 – Citizen Kane – Diemenz In The Ruff
06 – Citizen Kane – Scartown Reps
07 – Citizen Kane – Heat
08 – Citizen Kane – The Jungle
09 – Citizen Kane – Love Don’t Live Here
10 – Citizen Kane – Scarborough
11 – Citizen Kane – Who’s Ur God
12 – Citizen Kane -True Lies
13 – Citizen Kane – Let It Build
14 – Citizen Kane – Criminal Code
15 – Citizen Kane – Blood Sweat & Tears
16 – Citizen Kane – Game
17 – Citizen Kane – Hood Rich
18 – Citizen Kane – Hard Love
19 – Citizen Kane – I Am Legend
20 – Citizen Kane – Theme Music
21 – Citizen Kane – We Were Soldiers
22 – Citizen Kane – Mighty Gunz





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