King Cruff ‘Blackberry Groove’ (Official video)


Despite its upbeat and bouncy instrumental produced by Teej, “Blackberry Groove” was written while King Cruff was in a dark place. Feeling little inspiration and a lack of connection with those around him, he honed in on these thoughts and focused them into lyrics that he hopes his audience will relate and connect with.  With a visually-striking video done by the Lighter Juice team, King Cruff looks as though he’s ready to take down any adversary. The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Smoothe of Smoothe Music Studios.

Now available on all streaming platforms.

King Cruff has been surrounded by music ever since he was young. Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, he would often find himself surrounded by reggae culture and dancehall music at every gathering. Stephen Marley and Damian Marley would prove to be influential in his life, and the unique sound of his homeland birthed a passion for music in his soul. When he eventually moved to Ontario, Canada, he would expand his taste to include American rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Andre 3000. Their innate ability with the pen left Cruff in awe and led him down the path towards his sound.

Blending Jamaican instrumentation and riddim with hip-hop delivery and flow, he would grow to become a versatile artist who not only embraces his culture but does it in the smoothest way possible. His cadence is a thing of beauty, and he can weave a story together like a seasoned emcee. Cruff has developed a fanbase around Canada and is also supporting the local scene through his “Urban Flavours” movement. He has been nominated for the FCLMA 2020 Award for Best Hip-Hop artist and continues to impress at his live performances.

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