Legitimate x Rex Seshunz – Allandale Gambit (Official video)


Chess strategies are often named after the place where they were first utilized . A Gambit is known as an opening strategy in-which material is sacrificed in order to achieve a better position overall ! ‘Allandale Gambit’ takes the viewer on a tour de force through Allandale’s Essa Road strip. Emcee Legitimate unleashes high-energy , in your face lyricism with his well known baritone bravado . While bringing the listener along for a journey through a state of mind , in-which sacrifice and dedication to the art form of Hip-Hop is first and foremost! Rex Seshunz sets the backdrop for ‘Allandale Gambit’ with near trance inducing strings , which are equal parts haunting and mesmerizing! Strings float eerily in and out of an uptempo distorted piano chopped sample loop, while a classic dusty break keeps the track on smash from start to finish! Throughout the forthcoming album titled ‘Only Built 4 Human Beings’ , the duo of Legitimate & Rex Seshunz have commissioned Lando with the task of reminding the Hip-Hop populace that the art form of turntablism is far from dead ! On ‘Allandale Gambit’ , Lando delivers a scorching scratch chorus , cutting bars from Legitimate’s catalogue to help elevate the song up to the level of an instant classic!

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