Undetectable Bomber Shows No Love In “Lovage”



Undetectable Bomber Shows No Love In

Undetectable Bomber comes to the table with another music video filmed in the Scarborough area. Quick and simple is the basis for this release, giving that simple is just better sometimes. The original recording and written version of this verse Bomber had was actually lost for several years and had to be re-written. Filmed by both him and Joe Cash, the two take advantage of a one-spot location. The title is purposely misleading as Bomber raps away with some very non-loving lyrics. The official video is now available on YouTube and the audio is on Bandcamp for free download.

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Undetectable Bomber is a hip hop artist, video director, and audio engineer. In his hometown of Toronto, he was introduced to hip hop at a young age. Influenced by many New York artists/groups such as Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep & Gangstarr, he began writing at the age of 17. What started off as jotting down lyrics to beats, that were owned by artists he looked up to, he decided to invest into his own projects.

Having exclusive production in his pocket from the likes of Think and Vherbal, to Vokab & 2 Deep, Bomber is sitting on a wide variety of hip hop. As a cinematographer, he has done work for the likes of Rakim, Onyx, King Of The Dot, Tragedy Khadafi, Kool G Rap, Yung Lean & Many More. His love for cinematography grows as he continues to work with fellow cameraman/musician/actor Joe Cash. Together, the two continue to provide viewers with visuals for music videos, live events, and weddings.

Undetectable Bomber’s latest release titled “Lovage” is now on YouTube and Bandcamp. More content from Bomber will be dropping this summer so be on the lookout.

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