Toronto Hip Hop Artist Undetectable Bomber Releases “In Our Own Self”

In Our Own Self

Toronto Hip Hop Artist Undetectable Bomber Releases “In Our Own Self”
Undetectable Bomber is back with another time stamp through his journey in music and film. His newest single “In Our Own Self” is an unusual type of sound for Canadian hip hop. The song was recorded over an instrumental produced by James Yancey, better known as the late great “J Dilla”. With the smoothly chopped sample looped over his trademark drum pattern, Undetectable Bomber delightfully adds to Dillas melody. The official music video compliments the song well with its warm color tones. The official audio, is also available for streaming or free download on SoundCloud.
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Undetectable Bomber, is a Canadian hip hop artist, camera man and audio engineer. In his hometown of Toronto, ON, he was introduced to hip hop at a young age. Influenced by many New York artists/groups such as Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep & Gangstarr, he began writing at the age of 17. What started off as jotting down lyrics to beats, that were owned by artists he looked up to, eventually turned into investing into his own projects.

Owning production from Vherbal To 2 Deep, Bomber is sitting on a variety of hip hop. As a cinematographer, he has managed to film for the likes of Tragedy Khadafi, Rakim, King Of The Dot, Non Phixion, Onyx, Yung Lean & Many More. His love for cinematography grows as he continues to work with fellow camera man/musician/actor Joe Cash. Together, the two provide viewers with visuals for music videos, live events, and weddings.

Currently, as an artist, Undetectable Bomber is putting together his solo EP, produced by Vokab Beats. Release date is yet to be announced. His newest single “In Our Own Self” is now available on SoundCloud for streaming/free download. In the next few months, expect to hear him on more production from Think, Tim Da Tailor, and local producer Steinn


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