Many artists claim they are talented, skilled, or just good at what they do, but for London, Ontario residing artist Typo, his musical ability is seemingly habitual. Growing up in London, Ontario for the entirety of his life, Typo was seemingly gifted with the ability to craft word patterns, writing poetry from a young age and later transferring these abilities into hip hop and rap. Beginning in poetry, Typo later transitioned into writing boom bap centric rap, it wouldn’t be for years to come that Typo would later adapt and grow as an artist, adding well-crafted melodies, witty punchlines and in pocket flow to his already abundant arsenal, proving not only is his talent for music habitual, but also his ability to grow as an artist. Habitual is an LP that showcases how multi faceted one artist can be, with 5 out of 8 tracks being solo projects. The 3 features on the track all being artists who have proven themselves to be multi-faceted as well. With features from London’s own awarding winning artist Casper Marcus, as well as UGK Battle leagues top contender Brewza, tracks like “Insomnia” and “Rollin” are guaranteed to have your head bobbing. In addition, Typo has gone one step further, adding Toronto’s own B.E.T. Freestyle champion, Young Stitch to the roster with the release of their single “K’$.” “Habitual” is available on all streaming platforms, click the link below to take a listen!

Typo ‘Habitual’
Available on all streaming platforms:

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