Babble On – Trippin Out EP (+ DJ Pack)

Trippin Out

Trippin Out, by, Babble On, is a reality based fictional exploration of one mans depression. Babble in the lead role finds himself over come by the stresses in his life, feeling himself a failure for his inability to provide his family with a better life than he himself experienced growing up. In some ways it’s even worse.

The opening track, Trapped pt.2, has Babble exploring his shortcomings and frustrations at feeling he is trapped within a life he has no power to change. Over an emotional piano riff crafted the Anno Domini Production team, Babz lets loose unleashing vocal passion and confliction, as he finds his way to a dealer he’s never met before to pick up some weed to unwind.

In the title track, Trippin Out, he quickly finds himself far higher than he should be. After hitting weed laced with god knows what, Babble proceeds to describe the dysphoric feeling of a bad trip over a cerebral and intense instrumental, which captures the untuned unreal feeling of going over the edge.

On the third entry, Euphoria, Babble describes his euphoria after overtaking the bad trip. Told over a dreamy ethereal production, Babz drifts over the track disconnecting with the problems that have been plaguing him as he finally finds release.

In the final installment, Reflection, he finds himself face to face with… himself. Over a string heavy beat, he goes back and forth with an inner piece of himself over his inability to pull himself up and out of the slump he’s been living in. After taking opposing views he slowly finds himself aligning with the mind state that he has to strive to persevere through the hard times. As the song reaches its end we find out that he’s been having a near death experience for the duration of the EP, culminating in his death by overdose, leaving the listener unsure of his fate until the second EP, After Life, comes out.

Trippin’ Out EP

DJ Pack: Trippin Out

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