Labeled Minority – The End Is Just The Beginning

The End Is Just The Beginning

The End Is Just The Beginning

The end is just the beginning, another opportunity, another chance, it can be another goal to conquer, a new path to embark on where you have learned from mistakes and ready for a better life, a better future in search for a better you!

Cope (aka Dr. Dope), Oh Kg, Triip, & Axel Rosa came together to bring you there encounters in life. From there debut album “The Journey Begins”, Labeled Minority has experienced a lot of ups and downs. The two year journey to deliver this work of art takes you deep into their mindset and heartfelt vibes.

This album will take you on a Boom-Bap experience with a look into deep self reflecting and awakening! With the help from Lola, Solyd Roy, Typo, Eyeda Sophia, Jackson Mendoza (aka Hajii), Ngajuana, Yardii, and Erik Botelho. We bring you the end and the beginning of something new to come!

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