Substance810 ‘The Definition Of’

The Definition Of

'The Definition Of'

Substance810 has returned after a 2-year hiatus in full force. After dropping previous releases OSOM part 1&2 in 2015/16, Substance810 has followed to with his new and most heartfelt project “The Definition of”. The very first official album released from Substance810 was “The Definition” in 2006. At this time he went by the name Tekneek.

‘The Definition of’ is a revisit of sorts back to a more simplistic time and the golden era of hip hop. Substance810 is not afraid to be vulnerable, show emotion, and confirm that he is just an everyday human being like YOU. The album dropped 6/27/2020 and is available worldwide on all streaming platforms and also substance810.com

‘The Definition Of’ is available on all streaming platforms:
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-definition-of/1518362220
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1a7tOhrjYrooIjvxMDR6Y5?nd=1&nd=1

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Substance810 the Port Huron need emcee is here to live up to his name. You are bound to hear barz, emotion, vulnerability when taking a dive into his music. Growing up in, and influenced by, the golden era of 90s hip hop Substance810 just wants to preserve the culture of true hip hop.

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