Swish Styles “BE ME” feat. Young Stitch (Official video)

Swish Styles

Be Me

Swish Styles is back with his brand new single “BE ME” featuring the 2018 BET freestyle champion, 1/5 of the Lunch Room Poets & Toronto’s own Young Stitch. With production from longtime collaborator and Billboard charting producer Thomas L Music, BE ME features aggressive punchlines over a new school beat with both artists telling the story of how they’ve had to adapt and change to stay relevant in an industry full of copycats.

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Biography: Swish Styles
FOLLOWING THE LATEST TRENDS SIMPLY ARE NOT ENOUGH From promoting events for some of North America’s biggest names to performing his own music across Canada, Swish Styles continues to prove that you can carve your own path into the music industry.

​Born R.J Donaldson, Swish Styles grew up in the St. Catharines area of Merriton. Growing up diagnosed with depression and ADHD Swish was prescribed heavy amounts of Ritalin and other medications, the outcome became an antisocial and rebellious teenager who would spend most days secluded under a hoodie with headphones on blaring music from Savage Garden to Limp Bizkit. By the age of 18 Swish had discovered his ability to freestyle, believing this was his only talent he began to focus on bettering himself and writing songs. By the year 2014, Swish was already a prominent Niagara promoter both assisting and managing local events. In 2015, Swish was nominated for the Rising Star Award at the Niagara Music Awards and went on to spend 2016 through 2018 performing all over Ontario and other parts of Canada.

After the tragic loss of his mother to cancer in 2019, Swish decided to go back to his roots, and began to incorporate his early inspirations of rock, pop, and hip-hop into his music, he also signed a deal for management, distribution, and production, and began to work on his debut album.

Biography: Young Stitch
STITCH was born Julien Robazza, an Italian Canadian that hails from the Greater Toronto Area. Stitch took his first Professional rap battle at age 19 in the KOTD battle grounds birthing the name “Young Stitch” in 2009, where he gained mad respect amongst his peers in the industry and many accolades followed. He co-wrote “Free The Children” and performed with Platinum-selling Classical ensemble, The Tenors, at “We Day”. His focus in 2018 was about connecting with his fans and showcasing his skills with live hip hop competitions and an online bars Blog called “Stitch Bars” on his FB & IG Pages. Stitch won Toronto’s Connect the Dot, an underground hip hip bars competition, where he won the city, regional and then the country wide competition. Officially being crowned the Connect the Dot Canadian winner. Last June, Stitch won the “BET’s FREESTYLE FRIDAY” contest, beating out contestants from NY, UK, Canada & L.A. He was crowned in L.A at the Staple Centre and got to perform for the “BET EXPERIENCE” Show opening up for Nipsey Hustle, lil Pump and other great acts. This lead to him next, being invited to perform at “Miss World Barcelona“ on Sept 1st with international EDM Producer/Radio host “RoBradley”. Follow STITCH @OfficalYoungStitch on all social media platforms.

Swish Styles

Young Stitch