Zaze – State of Mind (Prod. by Stay Kool Productions)(Cuts by DJ Docta)

State Of Mind

State Of Mind

Canadian recording artist Zaze returns after a lengthy hiatus with a single for fans of crafty lyricism and in-your-face cadence in their hiphop music. Produced by longtime collaborator, Stay Kool Productions, State of Mind takes listeners through Zaze’s outlook on hiphop as a whole from his eyes and in his words. Having grown tired of the current state of hiphop, and being known to speak his mind, Zaze delivers a strongly-worded plea to return to hiphops roots. Complete with head-bobbing production, great lyricism, and DJ scratches, courtesy of DJ Docta, hiphop fans will be treated to a very “underground hiphop” sound.

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DJ PACK available for Djs and radio.
Zaze started out as a young boy with a dream. A dream to take himselfand his people to better places in life and this world through a vision….and music. Since then Zaze has been all over the country probably even more so then the likes of certain breakthrough artists from the same country that get a ton of more recognition but these are the daily struggles of an underground artist as we all know or will soon find out if you follow Zaze’s movement. Zaze Toured Canada in 08 with Clasified, D-12, Royce Da 5’9 and Joe Buddens. In 09 he did it again with his boys in 90nickel with the legends themselves Naughty By Nature where he learned a great deal of important tips from them. They followed this year with a late tour and probably the most succesful to date with Busta Rhymes. 2010 was there Zaze’s last major tour across this beautiful country with one of his personsal favorite artists Tech N9ne which was unfortunately cut short due to a major car accident in which the truck 90nickel and Duxx of CGC were travelling in ended up flipping 3 times off of the highway and was written off in the end. Although the boys including Zaze escaped with only minor injuries they flew home to recoup with family as they were thankful to be alive. Zaze has since been making his solo presence felt in the industry in between having and raising his beautiful daughter Azaria. Zaze has toured Ontario numerous times as a Solo Artist with the like of Joell Ortiz, Necro, Insane Clown Posse,Swollen Members and more. Zaze has released 4 mixtapes 1. Disturbia with K-Stu (2005) 2.Industry Highjackin Vol.1 (2007) 3. Lost Tapes (2009) 4. Industry Highjacking Volume 2: Bars Edition (2017), 3 albums 1. Changes (2010) 2. The World As I See It (2013) and 3. Build And Destroy (2015). Zaze has 9 videos to date. These include 4 videos shot by Zaze and his new company True Aspect Media and are all recently released off of his latest mixtape Industry Highjacking Vol.2. Zaze is just getting started.

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