Staalin ‘Barbarians’ featuring Gov’Nah x Mark Jordan


Staalin – Barbarians featuring Gov’Nah x Mark Jordan.

In a world where trends and tastes fluctuate as often as an oceans tide, sometimes it is better to stay true to ones self, as opposed to following the patterns of popularity. For those individuals, living amongst what society deems as the “norm” has been a challenge designed for only the strongest of wills to overcome.

The term “barbarian” derived from the idea that those who do not conform with the social construct, were to be considered inferior, uncivilized and prone to violent behaviour. However, rather than rebuke such a stigma, Staalin has embraced this label in his new single Barbarians.

Barbarians is a hard hitting, head nodding, banger; something we’ve come to expect from the Toronto born MC. Joining forces once again with producer Choicez (Careful What You Wish For, Don‘t Hesitate), the duos chemistry for making hit records knows no boundaries. Staalin also enlists two of Rap’s grimiest up and coming artists in Gov’nah the Warlord and Mark Jordan. Together, the trio provide verse after punishing verse that will have rap fans carrying out their deepest primal urges.

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