Es ‘Social Meteor Vol.1: Inspired By My Timeline’

Social Meteor

Social Meteor

Social Meteor Vol.1: Inspired By My Timeline
Anyone who has frequented social media will be able to relate to this album. This album speaks to the interactions and scenarios we’ve all witnessed at some point or another while scrolling our social media feeds. The album touches on themes such as insecurity, our judgemental nature, dwindling humanity, the sheep mentality, big egos, fake personas etc. Inspired by these dynamics, an album was created.

New Album “Social Meteor Vol. 1: Inspired By My Timeline” album coming Aug 2019. First single “The Do Better Challenge” out now for free stream and DL on the bandcamp link below when you click the name your price button and type in “0”.

Es on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/26eLqoJEmPSnBgBk79cBy5
Es on Facebook – https://facebook.com/HGmonsterEs
Es on Instagram – https://instagram.com/HGmonsterEs
Es on Twitter – https://twitter.com/HGmonsterEs


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