Sirreal – In The Nick Of Time

In The Nick Of Time

In The Nick Of Time

Quality takes time. Most things happen when they are supposed to, often right when we need them to or, In The Nick of Time. SirReal‘s new 13 track offering refreshingly serves up his concepts of accepting the dark to appreciate the light and finding balance in the Nick of time with equal reality. Produced by Rob the Viking from Swollen Members, Sirreal layers many different outlooks on his path of resilience over perfectly timed beats from Engineer, Rob The Viking and Anno Domini. Featuring guest verses from rising star Junk to rap legend Gift of Gab of Blackalicious and even Sirreal’s own 9 yr old son Lower Case g, this album has something for everyone. It’s time to bring some light back into peoples lives, this is a great place to start.
Sirreal – In The Nick Of Time
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“I’m in a privileged position to learn a thing or two,” says Hip Hop artist Sirreal in his latest musical release 6S. An emotionally driven 10 song lyrical invasion, 6S overflows with Sirreal’s trademark themes of hope and survival as he unrolls a new evolution of himself as an artist. “Ask anyone that’s known me since I was real young and they will straight up tell you that I came from the gutter.” With that in mind, Sirreal breathes new life into his music with words that strike the perfect balance between thought provoking songs like Save Me, and Not Like Me, to a softer side in Young Love and Up Up Away. But if you asked him the central influence in his career, he will always tell you, “My brother Nick” who Sirreal lost to the tragedy of suicide in 2006 and who inspired one of Sirreal’s most popular songs, “Nick’s Song.” Nowadays, you can find SirReal spending time with his family, working with youth, and sidelining as a Crisis Intervention Worker at Vancouver Island Crisis Society – spreading his heartfelt message of hope and resilience to the people whose lives he touches daily. With songs like Words like Weapons – which targets bullying – and Seeds which vividly unveils the next evolution of Sirreal, 6S will make listeners think, feel, laugh, and ultimately hope. To me this album means that I’ve reached my own level of Success. From where I come from, having my next meal planned is a success. And where I’m at now, reaching fans, having my friends and fans as family, helping my community, being a great father, these are what I consider to be 6S to me. The music helps too.”

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