Rel McCoy – Part of the Plan (feat. RationaL) (Official video)

Part of the Plan

Rel McCoy – Part of the Plan (feat. RationaL)

If things aren’t panning out how you imagined and you can’t seem to get a break, it might all just be Part Of The Plan. Rel McCoy gives us a ticket on this train of thought with a brand new video from his recent album “A Different Crown“. Featuring his long time friend and fellow artist RationaL, the Canuck emcees (Toronto & Saskatoon, respectively) share their viewpoints on how to maintain hope on this cross-country road trip. Believing there’s a bigger picture involved, Rel & RationaL say “…The shadows take no days off, so neither do we… ” with heavy conviction, over an equally weighted classic hip-hop beat. As the chorus says so simply, “I don’t really see how it’s gonna work out…” it’s not hard to relate to questioning if our circumstances really are just a Part Of The Plan.

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