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The Hydra

The Hydra


“Today is the culmination of almost 3 years of work. From literally moving out of my brother’s basement into a beat-up house on Dupont and Dufferin, to slowly transforming my place into a studio and artist hub to execute this latest piece. The idea of a multi-layered, collaboration-heavy project was a step away from the very personal approach to music that characterized my 20s. The experience of creating this album has been both deeply challenging but so incredibly rewarding now that all the parts have aligned.

I had had inklings around the image of a Hydra and how it could be used to describe the fusion of manifold forces. Mythology and symbology has always been synonymous with the work that I do. What I didn’t realize was that over the course of the time working on this record I would literally connect and build that Hydra – a living breathing collective of artists who shared both vision and experience. Even beyond the immediate artistic collaborators, this project has woken me up to the immediacy of connection with all the people who have engaged with my work. I feel so blessed at the opportunity to share my time, work and vision with you all.

I realize if I were to write a full thank you section here I would likely go one for pages. That said, I want to recognize the role everyone involved has played in the success of this record; and I will continue the artist spotlight segments to showcase the tremendous amount of talent that stepped up to take part in this project. Furthermore I hope to connect personally with everyone in the time following the release.

The official listing of artists: Matthew William Carter, Alvaro de los Santos, Catherine Ostiguy, Colin Drew, Eva Terese Foote, Alexander Clark, Nicholas Hibernation Di’Tomo, Ole Martin Hellesø, NysroK-Egorip Dirtysoxstudio, Horg Man, Eyeda Sophia, Duke Ellis, No1MC, Nikita Stupin, Ilana MacDonald.

So without further ado, I give you the Hydra:” – Prolific

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