P Doc – 76Sunkist/Kill (Official video)


P Doc (of HooligangCompany) drops visuals for 76Sunkist and Kill.

“I’m P Doc, a self taught recording artist and producer from a small town named Pefferlaw, an hour north of Toronto. I started playing guitar and singing at 6 and making beats and rapping at age 14. Lately I’ve been doin shows and recording new projects.

My biggest influence is Curren$y. I like his style and his raps, his bars are always real. Another huge influence is Nas. I think every rapper looks up to Nas.

My father passed away from an accident when I was young and my mom was never around so I was always by myself or with friends at my mom’s during high school and that’s where I fell in love with writing music. I felt total freedom waking up and writing songs and honing my work til it was perfect. Hanging out, doing what I love. I love this more than anything and I’m determined to make something out of myself and my company.

This year we’re gearing up to make lots of music, I already have 3 projects on the go. This year we want to promote our music label and brand to Toronto and abroad.” – P Doc

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