MLNY – Singled Out Mixtape

Singled Out

Singled Out

Singled Out

Breaking Wreckords MC and beatmaker, MLNY, has just released the Singled Out mixtape, his first project since 2015’s ‘The Perfect Balance’ album and ‘The Cover Up’ mixtape.


‘Singled Out’ is a project of growth. The mixtape consists an under-lining tone of songs that tell a story of breaking up with your love, the freedom of being single – which comes with partying but also reminiscing on past loves you had when the party is over, the act of discovering new women, and eventually finding a new partner, before the cycle starts over again. Leaving you single, and feeling ‘Singled Out’. But beyond this underlining story that continues through the project, it is also filled in between with fun songs that for the majority, are very reminiscent of the golden-era hip-hop, with hard hitting boom-bap beats and one thing MLNY always brings – bars. Which in today’s climate of the genre, is over looked and not represented enough, also leaving MLNY ‘Singled Out’. It’s a well blended mix of emotion and traditional hip-hop, that’s mixed in a way that you continuously jump between deep thought and hard hip-hop joints to keep you on alert while listening through.


The mixtape also is titled ‘Singled Out’, because it is half made up of singles that MLNY dropped over the last year and a half, during his hiatus from releasing projects. The singles built up with some archived songs that didn’t fit the bill of past projects, with a handful of new songs curated to the tape, come together to create a cohesive, yet roller-coaster like experience, which is comparable to life itself. And it comes full circle at the end, as does life. Everything goes in cycles.


The tape features a long roster of artists, the most notable being Gucci Mane. Long time collaborator and close friend, Spesh K, appears with three features on the project as well as fellow Breaking Wreckords family O.B.1 aka Jak Hellington. Toronto’s Dustin Wareham makes two appearances, as well as Hamilton’s Mat Heddle (formerly known as Slur) and Breaking Wreckords’ Innesence. On top of that, it contains features with Breaking Wreckords’ Aces, Gov’Nah, Lee Ricks of Tripl R, DOV, Chris Thomas, Wycked Truth, iLLvibe, and the now-split Bell City duo MultiVersePoets (Evo and Sindakit). Though the majority of the project was produced by Maloney (MLNY’s old stage name, and current production name), it also features production from Australia’s heavy-hitter Kid Tsunami, Breaking Wreckords producers O.B.1 and Chamon from the Netherlands, and Bell City producers DJ JBeats and Split Fantom.
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