TopLeft Recordings x The Quarter Inch Kings Present – M.I.C. Volume 9 (Mixed by DJ Law)


TopLeft Recordings and Quarter Inch Kings have come together once again to present the latest installment of the acclaimed M.ade I.n C.anada mixtape series. MIC Volume 9 – mixed by the award-winning DJ Law – and features some incredible Canadian talent from around the country.

In order of appearance, M.I.C. Volume 9 features Adversaree, Staalin, Solar C, Grindhouse Project x Spade (of Citizen Kane), T Gramz, Timbo King x Krimewave, Fish Grease (of Def Squad), Daniel Son, Mark Jordan, T To The D (Thrust & Dank (of Frank ‘N Dank), Buck ‘N Nice, ES, Sharky, Los Poetas and Lee Ricks & Concscious Thought & Che Uno. On top of a dope line-up of artists, Canada’s immense depth in production is really on display with this one as Volume 9 features bangers by King I Devine, DVient, Mr.Brady, Futurewave, A June & J Beats, Krimewave, Es-K, Phybaoptikz, CHiLL, Dank Harve, DJ So Nice, Das Da Beat Junkie, Phadetoven, Daniel ‘Vago’ Orellano and Mike Dubbs.

You can download the project below as separate MP3 files, or as one long mixed MP3.

Mixed by: DJ Law

Individual MP3s


M.ade I.n C.anada Volume 9
01. EH’Body Get It – Adversaree (Prod. By King I Devine)
02. State of Emergency – Staalin (Prod. By DVient)
03. Get ‘Em Up – Solar C (Prod. By Mr.Brady)
04. The Specialist – Grindhouse Project & Spade (Remix) (Prod. By Futurewave)
05. Rise ‘N Grind – T Gramz (Prod. By A June & J Beats)
06. Return of the King – Timbo King (Prod. By Krimewave)
07. Gets Down – Fish Grease (Prod. By Es-K)
08. Ransacked – Daniel Son (Prod. By Phybaoptikz)
09. Sleep On It – Mark Jordan (Prod. By CHiLL)
10. All Out – T To The D (Prod. By Dank Harve)
11. Nobody But Myself – Buck N Nice (Prod. By DJ So Nice)
12. Fact Remains – Es (Remix) (Prod. By Das Da Beat Junkie)
13 .Changed – Sharky (Prod. By Phadetoven)
14. Balazo – Los Poetas (Prod. By Daniel ‘Vago’ Orellano)
15. R.A.W. Banger – Lee Ricks, Conscious Thought, Che Uno (Prod. By Mike Dubbs)





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