MEZZIAH x MAC MILLON – NEGUS (Black Lives Matter)



In response to police brutality aimed at Black communities, Mezziah and Mac Millon have joined countless other musicians who have pledged support to the Black Lives Matter cause. The two artists created a song of anger and hope, that looks at the history of injustices against Black men and women while calling for an end to all the hate. June nineteen or JuneTeenth for the Africa American recognizes As the day and month that slaves in Texas first learned of their freedom, June 19th 1865 (2 years after the official signing of the emancipation proclamation) On April 9th1863.Some say the messenger who was sent to deliver the message of freedom had been killed. Either way! Juneteenth has been celebrated as the day of freedom, some even refer to it as ‘Independence Day’ for Black people.

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