Maxavely ‘Apocalypse A’

MAXAVELY Releases Nostalgic & Message-Heavy Hip-Hop/Rap EP ‘Apocalypse A’

Maxavely releases his latest powerful, nostalgic, and message-heavy hip-hop/rap album ‘Apocalypse A’.
The eight-track album contains catchy melodic elements, nostalgic hip-hop beats, and grasping vocals by
the artist. From the motivating message in ‘Hustle n Flow’ to the dark ‘Blurry’, Maxavely delivers
melodic bliss combined with lyrical depth across the album. Maxavely’s immersing voice and flow will
grasp the listener’s attention. Undoubtedly, the album can impact the listener as it contains every
anthemic and grand element for a hip-hop album. ‘Apocalypse A’ contains lyricism that will hook the
listener due to the artist’s wordplay. The heavy beats with the melodic elements give the vocal on each
track an energetic, driving feeling. ‘Apocalypse A’ spotlights the talented abilities of rapping and
songwriting by Maxavely. The album merges nostalgic hip-hop and rap elements seamlessly into one
perfect contemporary album. ‘Apocalypse A’ will take the listeners into a musical trance with strong
messages, catchiness, and hard-hitting instrumentation.

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M.A.C, or better known as Maxavely, is an emerging hip-hop producer, songwriter, and rapper from
Canada. Based in Montreal, Quebec, the indigenous/French-Canadian rapper seeks to make music that
deviates from the mainstream. Maxavely brings to the table a unique style and sound that will make
heads turn and groove. His eclectic style deriving from boom-bap, G-funk, reggae, R&B, and trap makes
each record unique and engaging. Inspired by the likes of Big Punisher, Guru, and Kendrick Lamar, M.A.C
delivers lyrical bliss and strong messages that will captivate any rap aficionado. The Canadian artist
seeks to create his own record label that will help the next generation of talented individuals. M.A.C is
an artist to keep an eye on and ears out for as he is set to leave his footprint in the music industry by
doing things his way.



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