Acetik x TRA – Lost In The Fire (Official video)

Lost In The Fire

Lost In The Fire

Acetik & TRA are BACK!!! Toronto’s lyrical hip hop duo are displaying their skills on ‘Lost In The Fire”, the third release from their debut album “Noise Up”, which is available now! This song is representative of burning down a corrupt system and starting anew with the good that remains, a concept that not only applies to the current state of the world as a whole, but also the rap game itself. Produced by Beatwyze and directed by Big Sproxx. Take it in!

Noise Up is a 12 track LP of hard hitting, uncompromising BARS, and features some of Toronto’s elite emcees…A mandatory purchase for heads that hold lyricism to the highest standard. Instead of complaining about the state of Hip Hop and publicly chastising the music you dont like, NOISE UP and support the Hip Hop you DO LIKE…by copping the album!

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