Lampman releases 10 tracks on his self titled album ‘Lampman’


Lampman drops 10 tracks on his self titled album ‘Lampman’, featuring production from ‘Anno Domini Beats’ and ‘Sinima Beats’. ‘Lampman’ is available on all major digital platforms.

1.) Grow Your Wings (Prod. By Anno Domini Beats)

Starting the album off with the story of how his parents fell into and out of love. Showcasing the facts that his father was never there for him and hide out in the same town he was born in having another son which ultimately went to school with Lampman and his brother but under another last name so he would have no idea his father was still around.

To later have his mother sue his father for child support where his said father commits to trying to father the two Lampman brothers through adulthood. Sadly he fails the commitment and this song was created.

The references to Neil Young and Tracy Chapman are based on the soul fact that these two artist are favorites of Lampman’s mother and father, and later in life became ways of wisdom, and in times were teachers to this artist.

2. Send Me 2 My Grave (Prod. By Sinima Beats)

a country blues inspired beat with a harmonizing sample, chanting “Send Me 2 My Grave” Leading off from disappearance of Lampmans father, his single mother decides to move him and his older brother to northern ontario to better suit her business clientele. Upon moving from town to town school to school yearly sometimes 2 enrollments in one year. It made Lampman open minded to the ways of the city where he would travel to his grandmothers and also made him aware that crime happens every year even in the middle of no where.

3. High With My Dead Friends (Prod. By Anno Domini Beats)

After a permanent move from the northern country Lampman and his family end up residing back in southern ontario and him and his brother quickly get exposed to the drug world, not only do the see the satisfaction from a high they also realize the damage the same feelings can do over time.

High With My Dead Friends is met to be interpreted with all love, this song isn’t met to brag about drug use in a good way, but its met to remissness on the times had with these young souls before they passed away.

Some from freak accidents, suicide, mental health issues, all these young kids didn’t really get passed there high school party stages so these were the only moments Lampman really shared.

Getting High With Your Dead Friends Is Moment Of Ceremony

4. Coming Home (Prod By Sinima Beats)

Is a heartfelt story telling track about life on the road, traveling away from home, and hoping your loved ones are being honest with you as your being honest with them. Taking the high road, or the unbeaten path trying to pursue a dream.

Coming from the perspective of a traveling musician, this song speaks about calling your loved ones before traveling on the bus to different cities, receiving love at times or being lashed out on with doubt that you may not be doing what your supposed to be doing.

When your a million miles away from home, it makes it harder to see that it was coming.

5. Northern Outlaw (Prod By Sinima Beats)

This is the crossover point of the album where Lampman is standing on is own 2 feet again, realizing this life he wants to live isn’t good for a girl that wants a steady home and a family, he’s realized that his friends aren’t going to be there to support his goals, he realizes hes alone.

He’s a rebel with a cause, to go platinum, the Kid Rock reference is blatant his inspiration in Lampman is blatant, and the energy and raw truth in this song is also yes blatant.

Its the Northern Outlaw Burn Rubber & Roll A Raw!

6. Ima Star (Prod By Anno Domini Beats)

Venting about life choices, losing friendship, the transition into adulthood and the constant battle of losing time. Lampman slays an arena rock instrumental produced by Anno Domini that truly sets the tone for this track.

7. K.O.K.O (Prod By Sinima Beats)

K.O.K.O is an acronym for Keep On Keeping On…
With this being the 4th project or 2nd album that Lampman has released in the past 2 years that is a statement he lives by. Music keeps him moving, breathing, hoping and creating.

The minds a powerful thing, beneficial and detrimental learning to let go of the past and hold on to the things that matter though they may cause pain there needed in your life.
Life isn’t designed to be easy, but when it gets tough its the ones that keep on keeping on that find true peace.

8. Free Your Mind (Prod By Anno Domini Beats)

After multiple scenarios of death stirring a demonic pot in Lampman’s head it’s easy to feel shackled to those questions, and “what ifs” sometimes if you have no one around to vent to the best person to vent to is your self.

Ask your self why?
Free Your Mind.
This song is dedicated to all the lost loved ones.

9. Who We Are (Prod By Anno Domini Beats)

This is an anthem for the goons, the gutter and the real, who you are is who you are, and realizing once you can’t change for everyone and you can’t please everyone, Life gets a little easier to live.

Accept your flaws, understand where you can improve but never lose touch with your roots, the world designed us differently for a reason.

Be Who YOU Are.

10. Cut (Prod By Anno Domini Beats)

Everyone has to make cuts in life, financially, in friendship, in love, and sometimes in family.

The energy provided by others effects your life whether you realize it or not, Lampman explains how he’s had many things cut in his life, but sometimes the hardest things to cut are the things you hold the dearest.

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