Lampman – Yellow Tape (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)

Yellow Tape


Lampman releases Yellow Tape off the forthcoming album titled ‘The Something Sacrifice‘.

The Holiday season brings memories for most their cherished moments with family, for others there re-opening scabs and this time of year really tears at the soul. Lampman narrates a story that happened to one of his neighbors while apartment dwelling in his teenage life. Yellow Tape is a story telling song, with an unsettling but truthful ending. Christmas Kills.
This is the final single that lampman will be releasing for 2017 leading up to his album release of “The Something Sacrifice” which was held back due to creative restrictions, the reigns are now harnessed and the project is wrapped up nicely for 2018.
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Bio: Lampman
Lampman withowns the ability to deliver his highs and lows through a variety of divided instrumental styles alongside a natural habit for lyrics, depth and truth. A bold yet mysterious cadence diverse rhyme pattern along with a strong sense of drawing out and inducing emotion, Lampman’s core feeds off of Hip-Hop but this artist isn’t limited to one genre. As a musicologist there’s no walls in his creative factory. His inspiration to create music comes from a competitive nature, expressing yourself as an individual to inspire others and to make content with substance and feeling. @LastLampman

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