K.O. ‘Too Late’ feat. Vixxen

Too Late

Too Late

“Too Late” is the second single track off of K.O’s new solo album, “The Rebirth”.

This song is based on moving forward from a bad situation. What’s done is done and there’s no going back, so live by the decisions that you make and stand by it.

This track is produced by “NIME FIVE”, mixed by “North of 40 Productions”, and mastered by “Aric McIntyre”. Graphics done by “Christian Archibald”. This track also features North of 40 artist, “Vixxen”.

Kane Osborne Aka K.O is a Hip Hop artist from Northern Alberta. He started writing when he was only 10 years old, creating stories, more than rhyming. He did this for a few years writing about stuff as he grew up on a small Northern Farm, before moving around, getting caught up in some legal issues, forcing him to stop. It wasn’t until he was in his later teens that he started up writing again, and this time he wasn’t stopping.

His main goal in his music is to be real, and to tell a story. He writes mostly about his life, what he’s been through, Political issues, or basically anything in between.

K.O started recording at “PinkVision Studios” where he released multiple singles with the Owner /Producer/Artist Clinton “Clit” Wietzel. They became best friends and started the Hip Hop group “MOB” which was a play of Money Over Bitches. They even released an album together, “Money Over Bitches” which was released in 2012. It had features from “Chessie, Simon Christ and Tosh”

He’s released 4 mixtapes, through Entaprise Enertainment, DBoys Ent, and PinkVision Studios. The first of the four was ‘View of the Valley’ Which was K.O’s first solo mixtape. It was released online for free download March 9th 2013, through Enterprise Entertainment & PinkVision Studios. The second mixtape S.O.B. (Shades of Black) was also released online for free download. It was released August 6th 2013, also through Enterprise Entertainment & PinkVision Studios. He released his third mixtape called D.O.P.E. (Distinction Over People Everywhere) Which was released March 8th 2014. This was the first project released under D-Boys Ent and not PinkVision Studios. It was also released under Enterprise Entertainment. When this mixtape dropped, it also started a new clothing line “Dope Wear” which is still being sold and requested to this day. And last but not least, Welcome to Alberta. This was the last mixtape K.O released on Entaprise Entertainment & Boys Ent.

In 2014, the “then” debut album “Made In Canada” was to be released on Canada Day through Enterprise Entertainment/Dboys Ent & Universal. But when it came to the date the album was never released. It was since revealed that the album is at Universal and so far no plans for its release have been detailed. Although the album never released it started another wave in clothing, as the new ‘MIC’ Clothing line started, which 3 different designs to choose from.

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