Know-It releases the ‘The Transplant Beat Tape’

Transplant Beat Tape

‘Over the last 14 years hip hop beat creator Know-It ( Jason Young ) has been living his life as an outpatient on life support in the form of kidney dialysis. This single dad travels to the hospital 3-4 times a week to have treatment to just stay alive but his passion for his art never gets filtered from his bloodstream! Over those 14 years he has released a hand full of projects including “The Dialysis Catalog“ with various artist including Substance (Michigan) D-Sisive (Toronto) 9Th Uno (Toronto) Shark (London) Tona (Toronto) and Maine da Medicine (Philadelphia). In 2019, he partnered with Ivason Black (Toronto) to release the underrated “5 To The 6“ Ep where he crafted all the beats while Ivason emceed. 2020, has been trying times but in-between dialysis sessions, Know-It, has been busy creating beats in his apartment while quarantined and has led to his latest release “The Transplant Beat Tape“ .

Know-It, has personally experienced 2 major organ transplants but unfortunately they haven’t worked as the autoimmune disease he has, ruined both kidneys he received. Here is hoping that he has the chance to try again in the future! We hope that you enjoy “The Transplant Beat“ Tape!

@KnowIt_Got_Beats (Instagram)

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