Tough Dumplin – I Was Never Here (Official Video)

I Was Never Here

(The 1990’s) I Was Never Here by TOUGH DUMPLIN (Mc Collizhun) off the M.I.C. Crates Volume 1 mixtape, presented by TopLeft Recordings, and mixed by DJ Ducats.  ‘I Was Never There’ is available for free download on the M.I.C. Crates Volume 1 mixtape. You can download it here as part of the full mix, or as a single.


Tough Dumplin (MC Collizhun)
The Nefarius “Tough Dumplin (Foundation for better Beats)” was one of the best underground hip hop EP’s to come out of Toronto Canada in the late 1990’s. Nefarius’ demo recording ‘You Can’t Handle The Truth’ dissed Maestro and others by name. The classic Nefarius’ track ‘Pondering’ talks about needing a pillow when listening to most Canadian artists. Explosive freestyles and dramatic beats drew considerable attention through out Canada and parts of the USA, but it was their penchant for saying what’s on their minds that really earned Nefarius their name. 
“Tough Dumplin and Nefarius lost VHS Tapes” is of collection rare footage of Kwesro and  M.C. Collizhun (Tough Dumplin) live performances just before the untimely passing of Kwesro 1999.

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