Bearial – The Grey Poupon Don

The Grey Poupon Don

The Grey Poupon Don captures. It’s strikes hard with the thoughts of the man behind the music. It tells a wild tale of tales as the listener realizes that they are listening to real life filled with passion and pure aggression.
15 years ago, while Bearial was sitting in cell 1-55 on LUC unit in Anamosa State Penitentiary, he finally had finished the first version of GPD. Over his bowl of oatmeal drowned in peanut butter, drinking his oil that was called coffee, he set his pen down and just stared. Not because of euphoria of finishing a project of this magnitude. No, he stared because he could still be inside of a prison walls for upwards of ten more years.
Bearial has been very familiar with the judicial system his entire life. Going for the top spot in the criminal realm, Bearial faced a murder one charge for one punch to the jaw of a man that died. If you know the system, malice aforethought is required in a murder one conviction and the DA was reaching by charging the maximum charge. Bearial later pled to a 30 year sentence containing 2 willful injuries, 1 assault while participating in a felony, and 1 voluntarily manslaughter. He is free of all paroles and claws of the state at present time.
As he opens his journey of The Grey Poupon Don, the self-titled track which is produced by Bearial, keeps things contained as he spits his truth. It’s a very clear explanation for the listeners as he explains regular life with a simple intro. Things take a turn as he shows his lyrical abilities on G.A.G. The song flows over a captivating instrumental that allows Bearial to really get open.“All I Ever Wanted,” is a bar heavy lyrical tirade. Literally a massacre of words.
The full length starts taking its full form by tracks 5 and 6. Every song becomes an “ohh” moment when the listener realizes they all flow together for a purpose. To build the aura of the Don himself.
When one has years to sit still in prison everything becomes repetitive. Bearial decided to write his entire pain on paper. With over 2,000 verses just written still to this day, Bearial laid a serious foundation for multi-syllable rhymes with multiple 8 letter words, and difficult word play. All of this was done so his seconds, minutes, days, weeks, etc could be less repetitive while he watched the calendars slowly tick by.

The Grey Poupon Don
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