[DJ Pack] The Quarter Inch Kings x Five Steez – Get Props

Get Props

The most dangerous, ya guaranteed favorite” 
Five Steez is an emcee’s emcee for anyone that needs reminding that lyrics matter. A true school lyricist representing 1/4 of Kingston Jamaica’s “The Council”, the talented wordsmith shows grit in his penmanship guaranteed to “Get Props” on this latest installment produced and manufactured by Toronto producers The Quarter Inch Kings. A DJ pack containing radio and street versions along with instrumental is made available @ thequarterinchkings.com
If you don’t already know, get familiar with Five Steez and his contributions to the culture both behind the scenes and at the forefront with the Council and Pay Attention! All music and videos ranging from 2011 to the present including social media and more @ fivesteez.com
DJ Pack:

Who is Five Steez?

Five Steez is an independent rapper who began capturing attention in 2010 with his ‘Momentum’ mixtape series alongside DJ Ready Cee, and later his 2012 debut album, ‘War for Peace’, which received great reviews from various outlets, including digital store, iTunes.

In 2014, Five Steez followed up with the EP, ‘These Kingston Times’ – listed by World Hip Hop Market as one of the year’s best international Hip Hop releases. He returned in 2016 with the third and final volume of the ‘Momentum’ series as well as ‘HeatRockz’, an EP with producer, Mordecai.

Five Steez is also one-fourth of a Hip Hop collective known as The Council, which released its album, ‘Nothing Else Matters’, in late 2017, and he is on track to put out another project with Mordecai, titled ‘Love N Art’, in 2018.

One cannot help but listen to Five Steez and be reminded of Hip Hop’s golden era when skills, originality and substance were the focal points. Critics and fans alike have described his music as being ‘soulful’, ‘poignant’ and ‘deep’, as he often uses storytelling and vivid imagery to convey his experiences and environment.

Five Steez was born in Kingston, Jamaica on November 11, 1986, and throughout his youth, music was his biggest fascination. As he grew older, his love for Hip Hop intensified, and he found his voice in the art form. Steez says, “I need to tell my story and the stories of my peers who don’t have the platform that I do.”

Steez began his musical pursuit in high school, recording music and then eventually forming The BP Army, a five-member group which released yearly mixtapes and performed at live music events in Kingston until 2008. From then on, he released his solo music quietly for the local scene until he began creating his own opportunities for exposure.

In 2010, Five Steez started organizing events, as part of Manifesto Jamaica, and in 2012, he became one of the founders of Pay Attention – Kingston’s premier Hip Hop event – which was eventually run by The Council. His contribution as an artist and organizer has resulted in him being described as a ‘pioneer’ and ‘visionary’.

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