Fire Team Alpha hits you with the second single titled ‘Ambrosia’ off the fortchcoming project ‘LIT’

Fire Team Alpha

Fire Team Alpha Ambrosia

An epic, international collaboration between some of boom baps most devout soldiers!

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The second single released titled ‘Ambrosia’ off the forthcoming project ‘LIT’

The first single released titled ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ off the forthcoming project ‘LIT’

Fire Team Alpha is a collaborative project between 8 mcs, 4 producers and 2 DJs from around the globe (Canada, U.S. and the U.K.). The project is the brainchild of Sons of Boombaps’ founder, Shark, and includes many of the dopest members of the massive international collective.

The 2nd release “Ambrosia” is a neck-snapping posse cut featuring veteran rappers Es, Substance810, Adam Walsh, Empuls, Oskeptical, Shark, Ill Tone and Ase Mor spitting back to back flamethrower bars over a DJ Alkemy banger. The track also includes scratches and cuts by the groups untra talented DJ, G-Spot.

FTA also includes the relentless talents of members Smokewell Production, Know It and Prologic, who will all feature heavily on the upcoming, untitled full length LP. The 3rd scheduled single “Glory Daze” which includes all 8 lyricists over dusty, face scrunching Smokewell production is set to be released in a few weeks, with the album due later this summer.

FTA is pure, unbridled hip hop in its rawest form. No fluff. No club or love tracks. Just bars, beats, beasts and boom bap!

Please contact sonsofboombap@gmail.com for interviews, bookings, reviews and further info.