Chief Reckah ‘Fallen’ (Prod. by Juxx Diamondz)


Brand New Boom Bap Banger straight from the North East

Fallen is The 1st Single released by Toronto Rapper Chief Reckah as a member of the New York, based Label Back Block Music Group. Produced by Brownsville Brooklyn’s very own Juxx Diamondz Fallen is reminiscent of that Dark Wu-Tang, Gravediggaz Horrorcore type sound. If you’re into that Real Golden Era Hip Hop this should be a breath of fresh air In the age of autotune and Trap music. Fallen speaks on the dark side of the street life from a conscious perspective of Understanding.

Chief Reckah is a Heavy Lyrical Free thinking Revolutionary Boom Bap Hip Hop artist with a diverse sound and set of topics. The producer Juxx Diamondz who’s also an artist and a founder of Back Block Music Group has produced for Rappers like Stuck B and has worked with other Legends and Notable names in Hip Hop.

Recently Chief Reckah Joined Back Block Music Group through Juxx Diamondz recreating that bridge from New York to Toronto in the underground music scene. Chief Reckahs music is influenced by street life spirituality as well as social issues and has major elements of artistic creativity with real-life experience that creates a unique sound easily relatable to a diverse crowd.

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