Dusty Loops & Noyz Present Lo Fi Glory

Artist: Noyz + Dusty Loops
Project: Lo Fi Glory

In conjunction with the City of Brampton and Culture Days, this Album Listening + Photo Exhibit brought together the community through music and images and a special panel moderated by Nav Nanwa.

Limitation gives birth to innovation. By making use of the sparse resources around them, the originators of hip hop culture built something greater than each component that comprised it. Record players were used to loop, scratch, and spin backwards decades-old vinyl. Short break beats became the heart beat that drove the music. The earliest human instrument, the voice, was used to bend letters and dance over rhythms in feats of linguistic acrobatics.

This project represents another iteration of that same story. Personal yet universal, it is dedicated to the dedicated who seek a fulfillment outside of the norm. That fulfillment can come from any number of avenues: for some, it is a business idea, and for others it is through service to their community. Our calling is art. These are beats made on second-hand machines, with samples dug up and resurrected from the bottom of long-forgotten dollar-bin crates. Rhymes penned in the moments between life and earning a living, and photographs that visually represent the people, places, emotions, successes and failures that continue us along on this path towards our highest selves, which is a glory capable of all of us. That LO FI GLORY.
Dusty Loops and I have been working on this album for over 3 years and it feels like a time capsule of all the growth that we went through during that period. It discusses the losses of close friends and family, battles with mental illness, and the realities of living in a precarious social and political climate, but the music never comes from a defeated place. Instead, the title of the album is a representation of how these challenges can shape us, give us new perspective, and strengthen us. The lo-fi is the hardship, and the glory is what we make of it.


Noyz is an MC, producer, spoken word artist & community organizer from Brampton. He has performed at some of the largest music events in North America including SXSW, Canadian Music Week, Manifesto, and Sound of Music Festival, and has had his music featured on notable platforms such as CBC Music, Huffington Post, Complex, Noisey, and Team Backpack. In addition to his music, Noyz plays an active role in the community by seeking to empower youth by facilitating mental health and hip hop workshops which explore themes of survival and resilience through writing and poetry.


Dusty Loops is a music producer and photographer from Brampton. He has been producing and DJing since 2008, having worked with various up and coming artists across the country. In 2015, he had the opportunity to learn under the tutelage of Young Guru (engineer for the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna); where he was able to perfect his craft and learn from the very best in the industry. Dusty’s work in both music and photography has landed him praise in such platforms as Complex Magazine, Noisey, Juxtapoz Magazine, as well as VSCO’s Art and Culture editorial.


Special Thanks To:
City of Brampton
Culture Days Ontario
40oz Heroes
GTA South Asian Media Network


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