Seeds and Dominoes

Seeds and Dominoes


Seeds and Dominoes is the seventh album from Toronto based Hip-Hop artist D.O. Gibson.
 For D.O., Seeds are relationships that you create and nurture and the Dominoes are about execution.
“I came up with the title when I was doing a sound check at a school show. I thought about what led me there. It was an action I took over ten years ago. I used to drive around in my old Buick visiting schools armed with a brochure and pitching my program. I used to do that with CD’s too – selling them out of the trunk. I realized that my hustle had brought to me where I am today.”
Gibson has launched a steady stream of singles to support the release. The latest, Black Canadian – a song about identity was launched to coincide with D.O.’s Black History Month tour. In February, D.O. will be visiting over twenty schools in Ontario and BC.
A second single Right Back will also be accompanied by a video release. A futuristic track with a nod to early 2000’s hip-hop reminiscent of Missy Elliot, D.O. prides himself on his consistency:
“A lot of my contemporaries aren’t as active. They’ve moved on to other things. I get it, but I’m glad that I’m still doing what I love to do.”
Northern Hospitality, a third single, is fitting for the event that D.O. will be throwing in New York City Grammy Weekend. In addition to attending the Grammy’s, D.O. will be performing and hosting an event. This will be the latest in a series of Northern Hospitality events that started in LA in 2016 on Grammy weekend. The event was even attended by legendary funk pioneer George Clinton. Following the success of the event, D.O. launched events in Netherlands and France.
D.O. has a busy year ahead. He is planning to return to New Skool Rules in Netherlands and MIDEM in France and bring more Northern Hospitality throughout Canada and the rest of the World.
Seeds and Dominoes is available on all digital outlets via Believe Digital.


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