Ase Mor the Corner Store Rapper – Dead Birds

Dead Birds

Dead Birds

Dead Birds – Ase Mor the Corner Store Rapper. This 15 track record was inspired by my sister Alana. She has always been very supportive of my music, but could never really get into it, because it was too hard and the delivery too fast. She didn’t like the style, and one day said, I wish you had some songs I could sing along to. So, there it was. I decided I’d find out exactly what she wanted to hear and start working towards making a record that she would want to listen to, instead of just support. The result being a mixture of lo-fi, trap, and electronic production, and a variety of melodic verses and hooks for her to happily sing along to. This record, from the time I began writing, until I finished the mixes took 9 months to complete. I can’t be mad at that. Actually, I’m really happy with how it turned out, despite it being a completely different style than I’m used to and was honestly a sound I opposed, coming from the boom bap tradition. However, with a little bit of patience and some open-mindedness, I carved out an album that I’m very proud of, and that’s where the name Vis a Vista comes from, to paraphrase, “by way of perspective”. This is the 1st single, Dead Birds. – Ase Mor the Corner Store Rapper

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