Orion Vincent x Danny Schultz – Days End

Days End

Days End

Days End

Orion Vincent x Danny Schultz – Days End (2019)

Orion and Danny have been collaborating on songs since 2014, but this is the first time they have worked on a full body project before. Often being compared to the likes of Linkin Park and FortMinor, Danny Schultz brings a unique aspect to Orion’s already polished raps, and hearing these 2 together on an entire project is something we need to hear more of!

Orion Vincent has worked with established artists such as Merkules, Demrick, Evil Ebenezer and Prada west to name a few. Evil Ebenezer is one of the few features on this album, and the chemistry between him and Orion and Danny is something everyone needs to hear. Danny Schultz comes from a previous rock/ska band called ‘Solidred’. He was the main vocal singer and guitar player, but the band is now disbanded.

Orion has since been dragging Danny deeper into the hip hop world, and the 2 have made something magical here.
Stay tuned for lots more, it seems Orion has gotten a hold of Danny and shown him a completely different side of music, and rumour has it Danny is liking it.

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