Dano B Picasso ‘Digital Soul’

Dano. B. Picasso sets the mood with his latest release titled ‘Digital Soul‘. Digital Soul is entirely produced by Crimson OG, and can be streamed or downloaded here: https://linktr.ee/danobpicasso

Dano B. Picasso . The Artist of Soul. Hailing from North Des Moines, Iowa. Dano had his sights on Music and Entertainment from a very young age. through family and friends, and training through Public School and the School of Hard Knocks. By the time he reached High School he was fully invested to making a career in music. Writing his first song at sixteen while in Study hall, Dano knew something was there noticing his classmates were singing his melody to the chorus of his song. Graduating High School in “04” he spent 2 years in Southwestern Community College School for Music Vocations. This school is where he began to hone his vocal talents through formal training in Classical and Jazz Music. Making the decision to leave school in “06” staying around the college town for another two years before deciding to move out East to further his career. Things didn’t go in his in favor and he returned back to his home city in “09” where he still remained faithful in having a career in Music. Through Soulful choruses giving nostalgia of 90’s R&B, and randomly Spitting 16’s reminiscent to South Favorites like Project Pat, Dano seems to hold the allure of a Modern day Luther Vandross with heavy Stevie Wonder Influences.

With the recent release of his debut album, “Digital Soul(Oct 2019)” Dano has set the tone for an introduction of a New Soul Artist with the perfect mix of Hip Hop and R&B. Catchy hooks from “Do Not Feed”, to “Curtain Call”, and the Trap Ballad, “Did I”. It’s safe to say this will be an Artist to keep a close eye on as the Progression of a new yet familiar sound coming out of left field from the Field of dreams is sure to captivate the Masses.


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