Crimson OG – My Footsteps Above My Father

Crimson OG – My Footsteps Above My Father

“I seen that you had visited my gravesite lately. How was it? Unkept? I figured it would be. My sons have been busy in life just grinding away. And I know you can’t travel down there every week, so I understand.

I hope you aren’t mad at me or hold resentment towards me for leaving…I didn’t have a choice. You know damn well we would have been riding out on this journey. State to state like we used to do with baseball.

I would have listened to your music. I would not have liked it, but I would listen to it faithfully. Then we would switch it back to that classic rock, like you never even made a recording.

I also like that Strawberita you poured out for me as your little prank. You’re right, I wouldn’t have drank that, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t great.

I see that you and your brother had some children. I wish I…

So what is this prison shit you were involved with? Doesn’t matter…you protected our name. I never once frowned on your choices. Ever.

I see you doing this little music shit too. You know how we do at all events. Handle accordingly!

I know I left early, but let’s not dwell on that. You know I’ve been right here with you since ‘98. Are you going to question that? You are me! I haven’t went anywhere. I won’t watch you suffer though. That’s why you learned what I learned, even if it’s not right. So attempt to be humble. Tell your Mother that we love her. Respect and we will talk more soon…” – Crimson OG

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