Crimson OG – A Tarnished Soul

Tarnished Soul

Engage with Crimson OG as he leads you on a journey threw the frontlines. The eerie feel begins as one presses play on his latest release, “A Tarnished Soul.”

“A Tarnished Soul” begins with a smokey instrumental from the production of Words of Shy. This record will set the tone for the entire album with its style, smooth and deliberate. And we all know Crimson OG eats on this verse just to let them know. He even opens up in his recording style to let us hear a few of his “thug vocals.” This track will not disappoint.

The intro is followed by some heavy tracks afterward. Keeping the momentum going bar after bar, beat after beat, Crimson decided to write this album with the majority being freshly designed.
Inspiration doesn’t seem to be a problem for Crimson. Although not this one, Crimson digs out some soul caverns on this one.

Still not fully opening up about his father, he mentions more of him. People said to bring pain to the mic, Crimson’s pain still hasn’t left. People said, people said people said, blah blah blah fucking blah. He definitely mentions these types. Here, just take a quote.

“I hope this album inspires the fuck out of you! I hope this album reaches someone in a dark time and they realize, oh shit this person keeps dropping shit regardless of the weather or whatever! Fuck all of it and enjoy your motha fuckin self. Life is too god damn short to not even enjoy the pains and pleasures of life. And we definitely don’t have time to listen to suckas, so why do we do it? Be your own person always. And be your only fucking cheerleader if you have to!”

A Tarnished Soul
1. To The Face
2. Roll One Up
3. Can I Talk
4. All Ingredients (feat. Tripp)
5. Hush
6. This Time
7. When It Comes To Me & Mine
8. The Devil Has A Hold
9. Gotta Go
10. R.I.P. T-Shirt (feat. Dano B. Picasso)
11. Let Freedom Reign
12. Ain’t Gettin It
13. Still Wit It (feat. Sam Patrick)
14. All Day (feat. Dame C)
15. When We Speaking (feat. Words of Shy)
16. Real

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