Crimson OG – Grey Poupon Don v2

Crimson OG

The tension seems to disappear when Crimson approaches the mic. The aura turns a different color than usual. It seems a cold blue with red hues. He relays his information to your eardrums threw several styles, and a few unorthodox approaches, but overall, a very nice delivery in all approaches. From the intro you will understand the depths of his journey.
Intricate woven tales of heavily described situations, melodic melodies, and hardened criminal bars threw out the Lp brings Crimson’s heart to light. The tale of Bearial has ended with quickness. This will be the last you hear about him. His final tales and workings. His lopsided music that strictly tailored to a individual that has a criminal background. Not the case with Crimson OG. Although Crimson does sprinkle the code of the streets heavily, he takes a smooth approach. It sounds as though he is actually talking directly to his audience. And it usually is in aggressive form, but not always.
There is something for everyone on GPD2. Crimson’s personality reeks threw every portion on the album. Although the engineering side is still, and always will be, a practice, Crimson takes pride in the fact that he writes, records, mixes, and masters, all of his own work. Production also on occasion. Listen for the airplane in the beginning…that’s a Crimson Joint.
As his journey concludes over the course of GPD2, the listener will fully understand why Crimson is a force. He has no one single style. With beats or flow. He switches up from lyricisms to simple rhyme schemes in the blink of an eye. The replay value will stand up for the intrigued listener. The ones that want to rummage threw the flow and learn the background details of Crimson’s life will have a long road ahead of them.
Each track, meticulously crafted, reveals Bearial’s reality in the aftermath of a life of crime and notoriety. From the opening track to the finale, we bear witness to Bearial’s experiences and subsequent realizations of the necessity to move on from this life. At the same time, he acknowledges the reality that when faced with the choice of hustling or drowning, there is only one way to survive.
Featuring a slew of guest appearances, top notch production and an emcee who has worked hard to perfect his craft, GDP2 is true grind gangsta hip-hop music that is still relatable and conscious. GDP2 marks the death of what we know as Bearial, opening a door for a confident and wise Original Gangsta – Crimson OG.
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