Casualty ‘Gurus Song’ featuring Bayle Rhyme and DJ Trickalome

Casualty – Gurus Song featuring Bayle Rhyme and DJ Trickalome

Continuing the buzz created by his recent releases ‘My Blocks‘ and ‘Chop Shop‘, Casualty, pays tribute to ‘Guru’ with his latest release titled ‘Gurus Song’. Features include Bayle Rhyme and DJ Trickalome, with production from C-Lance. ‘Gurus Song’ is available on all streaming platforms. Stream or download here (link should be updated today with all other streaming sites and stores): https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/casualty/gurus-song-feat-bayle-rhyme–dj-trickalome

Born on Vancouver Island, moved between Ontario and BC multiple times as a youth, consider the Vancouver area home notably Port Coquitlam, home to the legend Terry Fox and the infamous Robert Pickton.

In this time I faced a lot of heartache and pain, due to a broken home, poverty etc and found peace in hip hop and believe my style reflects the environment I was raised in. Inspired by the 90’s hip hop scene in Canada but notably Toronto and also the greats like Guru and Gangstarr to lesser known west coast sounds like tweety bird loc and the original OG raps, you will hear inspiration from the likes of these in my tracks.

I consider hip hop almost as a version of the blues for my self and use it to release anger and sadness. I wrote and recorded many songs as a kid to jacked beats and wish I knew where they were!

Last year feeling I was at a time in my life to reflect on the past and to move on I wrote and recorded a few songs, one song was called Cry with Me and this track was a finalist in the 2018 Canadian songwriters association competition. I had also started recording some more tracks and released an album titled “The Seven Sorrows”. I had no fan base or anything but started sharing on a few groups on Facebook and my own Facebook page, eventually starting a fan page as well now I’m a little bit known but have done basically no promotion.

I have about 10 other songs recorded now, some of which I released but then deleted as I wasn’t happy with that set of songs and want a mulligan on them as they were a fish mash of some old songs I tried to recreate basically.

I have been luck enough to have earned the respect of producer C-Lance and he has blessed me with lots of guidance and a honest opinion. I sent a song to many wu tang members and two responded! I have a track with Prodigal Sunn of the Sunz of Man and am hoping to also work with Killah Priest. I also have Gurus song coming out soon and it was a song inspired by Guru which morphed into a kind of tribute to him.

I made a video for a song I consider to be an interlude for next album titled The North Face, I got lucky on this one, I bought some shares which I believe doubled my views as I was at about 1000, then it became one of the top results when searching for north face for a couple days.

I move at a slow pace unfortunately as what has allowed me to make my album its my day job and its my own business so is definitely my main priority.


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