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Buck-N-Nice continue their aggressive approach to content release, leading up to their sophomore album drop this spring. Just one month after their first single, the duo are back with a heavy hitting record in ‘Time’, featuring REKS, a long time favourite artist for the two.

Time‘ speaks on the reality that we all try to convince ourselves that things will get easier in time, with topics such as walking away from the fast life, mental health, and balancing music ambition at the forefront. This record is an example of how our biggest strengths can be our greatest weaknesses if we allow that to be the case.

“…and I’m just stuck in the middle/
little be known, my mind was something as brittle,
it’ll be shown, through these pages of my story – as I’m clutchin’ these scribbes/
another hour glass succumbs to the trickle, and I’m still ****** up”.

What does the hard truth sound like?
Listen to “Time” here:

Since the release of their debut, “Us Versus Them”, BNN have gone on to perform at some of the biggest music festivals, sold out shows, and are recipients of Stingray Music’s Rising Star Award. After a hiatus to take care of family matters, the duo are back, hungrier than ever, with the know-how they once lacked.

Much like the rest of EMAG, ‘Time’ has no filler. It was carefully produced and written to convey a message that’s relatable to anybody, from any stage or walk of life. Hopefully ‘Time’ helps others dial in on their personal demons and work through them before their hour glasses drop the last grain.

“All I need is time, I know this karma gonna come to me/
Only watch my back, there ain’t no front to me”

Rapper SawBuck and beatmaker DJ So Nice are Buck N’ Nice — a Canadian up and coming hip hop duo, and Ottawa natives, that do not fit the profile of most artists in the genre. Unlike others, their musical concerns are beyond creating the next club hit, flashing money, or keeping up with the latest trends. Their songs are about life experiences, the community they’re surrounded by, and the general influences that moulded them to the artists, and people they are today.For media inquiries or bookings please email buck.n.nice@gmail.com.

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