Brenin Edmunds x Bearial – Coming & Going (The Don Remix)

Coming & Going

With a week under its belt, “Coming and Going [The Don Remix]” has been incredibly well received by fans and new listeners alike. In association with Bearial Society, Brenin Edmunds releases this collaborative track that underscores the importance of working with fellow emcees.

Showcasing their experience writing, producing and mixing hip-hop, these two artists combine fire and ice to bring you a modern track rooted in old-school hip-hop. Brenin Edmunds, with light-hearted vivacity, structures a track with a pop-rap feel, while Bearial brings hard-hitting, conscious hip-hop. These contrasting styles come together in cohesive symbiosis to create a track unlike anything you’ve heard before. Listening to this track, it becomes clear that these aren’t your everyday youtube rappers; these artists have worked tirelessly over lengthy careers to be able to deliver a cohesive, progressive musical vision that both challenges and appeals to listeners.

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