Babble Raps part.5 – Humble (Official Music Video)


Babble On returns after a brief hiatus to shake the dust off with a brand new Babble Raps. This time he goes off on the iconic beat from Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’. Wielding the mic he weaves fluidly between flows and tempos to deliver an ever changing lyrical background that can catch you off guard at every turn.

Striking out over the stabbing piano of the Mike Will Made It production, Babble On, flips humility on its head crafting a collection of lyrics that hold dual meanings and the intent isn’t always clear.

The video adds to the concept in its minimalism obscuring the whole from view, leaving you with only portions of the subject to be seen by light. Sometimes the only way to stand up is to sit down and stay humble.

Directed by Kate’s Takes
Produced by Natural Aspects Promotions


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