[DJ Pack] AGE – Rappetizer feat. Oskeptical x Sharky



AGE – Rappetizer feat. Oskeptical X Sharky

Once Upon a time 3 MC’s were out eating sushi and it hit them, could it be their hunger grew beyond an appetizer. These SOB’s decided it was time to unleash their hunger on the hip-hop listener. Unorthodox production and three very different styles combining to make a sound that is heard no where else but here. Put down your forks and chop sticks, pick up your face and get ready to hear raw hiphop that ill make you come back for seconds. Rappetizer, your one stop hip-hop shop.

Track: Rappetizer
Artist: AGE feat. Oskeptical X Sharky
Produced by: AGE
Mixed by: AGE


DJ Pack:






Sharky’s career as a battle forged mc didn’t start the way you might imagine. As the oldest child in a modest small town Ontario family , Sharky didn’t have the inner city influence that many of his contemporaries experienced. That being said he was always fiercely competitive and from the moment he experienced his 1st stairwell cypher in the Malvern area of Scarborough he was hooked… and hooked hard. He started writing rhymes the next day.

His journey as a performer and entertainer started in early high school when his long time friend and producer Knowitall approached him about joining his hip hop group. For the next 25 years Sharkys reputation has grown as a legendary figure in street corner cyphers and the underground hip hop scene in Canada, releasing multiple critically acclaimed albums and destroying stages across North America and Europe alongside Nas, Elephant Man, Royce, Obie Trice, House of Pain, Rahzel, Classified, Snowgoons, and many, many more . Recently, Sharky founded the Sons of Boombap, a dedicated collective of 65 independent, old-school hip hop artists with the goal of preserving the core element of hip-hop and creating a unified movement.

Sharky prides himself on being as much a writer as he is an emcee/performer and it’s this passion for the written word and his drive to make hip hop for intelligent people that keeps him at the top of his game. Sharky’s ability to write a heartfelt love ballad or a political commentary and then switch it up and rip a bone crushing battle rhyme is what makes him different from the millions of aspiring vocalists that are currently flooding the hip hop scene

With an old school boom bap sound and rhymes that could make you break the rewind button, Sharky the G.R.E.A.T. and the Sons of Boombap are sure to make waves in 2016 and beyond.

OSKEPTICAL (of Soulsik / SOB)

““Soulsik Society is a truly great Hip Hop group, part of The Sons of Boombap movement in favour of the preservation of the things that so many of us most value in this beautiful little thing called Hip-Hop. Klubba Lang (producer/Dj) UK Born and raised living in Ottawa, Canada. Oskeptical(MC) A Colombian Born American Emcee from Miami who stays true to his Colombian roots with touches of bilingual flow and razor sharp lyrics. Soulsik Society main mission is to make their fans think and feel on a variety of different subject matter. Since April 2015 they’ve been wrecking shop together, with 2 EP’s released making genuinely amazing true school boom bap music in the spirit of the soul. Fans can count on them to deliver thoughtful, intelligent, ‘ bumpin’ Hip Hop music every time!”

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