The Legend Adam Bomb ‘The Grey’ (Official video)

Adam Bomb

Adam Bomb The Grey

“You know you grew up in a real neighbourhood when no other place in the world feels the same.
The stories, the people, even the streets themselves are special.

I grew up on Bloor right in between Ossington and Christie. It wasn’t always the family-friendly environment it is today but it was always friendly if you were family and to be that, you had to have loyalty, respect and the ability to read a situation quickly.

I miss the old area but mostly the people that were next to me and ahead of me that became my second family. It wasn’t perfect but we made do and it’s that middle-ground, ‘do your best with what you have’ mentality that inspired the first single to the next project I’m about to put out. If where you’re from gives you that same feeling, I hope you dig it too.

Music and Video soon to be available on all streaming platforms.
welcome to The Grey.” – Adam Bomb

Song produced by: Anthony Corsi
Additional production by: Joe Sproxx & Truss
Additional vocals by: Steve De Medeiros
Video by: Dan LeMoyne
Artwork by: Jamie Kusick
Aerial Footage by: Justin Louis

From Toronto Supergroups The Freedom Writers and Naturally Born Strangers comes one of the urban scene’s most familiar faces, Adam Bomb. Having appeared on FLOW 93.5fm, the cover of NOW Magazine and listed as one of the Greatest Canadian Rappers Ever by CBC.ca, Adam has headlined the Manifesto Festival, ModClub and performed throughout North America in preparation for his sophomore LP. His independent debut album, “Live From Larstone” was preceded by collaborative releases which resulted in being longlisted for the Polaris Music Prize, multiple MMVA nominations and won the SiriusXM Indie Award and a Juno Award for Best Rap Recording in 2015. Since then, he has worked with several of the country’s top talents including Maestro Fresh Wes, D-Sisive and Noah ‘40’ Shebib.



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